About Us

E-Pro High Voltage Coating Technology is designed and manufactured in the United States by Chem-Jet International Inc., a high performance coatings technology company with extensive industrial protective coating experience. Chem-Jet International’s significant worldwide experience with chemical coating supply to steel and aluminum mills, coil coating plants, Utility Plants and Substations, resin facilities, petroleum refineries, cement factories, and other heavy electrical power users and producers fits very well corporately and technically with the focused expansion into electrical maintenance products.

Coatings designed for outdoor electrical insulation and protection applications require very specialized and thorough product development. The Chemists behind E-Pro coatings have been uniquely trained in industrial coating technology, electrical insulation physics, and current field painting and application techniques including “Energized” system cleaning and coating.

The E-Pro technical staff also works very closely with global silicone and other base chemical suppliers like Dow Corning, Wacker, Evonik, Hexion, and Exxon to take advantage of proven state-of-the-art chemical technology. This extensive background and experience allows E-Pro to better design and custom formulate their coating products to improve performance and application characteristics.

Please investigate our products and capabilities further or tell us more about your project and/or electrical coating requirement today and let us provide you with the ultimate in electrical maintenance coatings and High Voltage Protection.